Tiny Turtle

I haven't had a lot of success with crochet amigurumi up until now, but then again, I have only done a few crocheted animals so far. I find them very fiddly and time consuming to do, and because I haven't had much practise, I'm not all that good at it.

I am really really pleased at how this little turtle came out though, isn't he gorgeous?

This little fella is not for sale unfortunately as I gave him to my husband as a little thank you gift for taking over my Etsy photography for me....

I plan on making a lot more of these now I am little more confidant, not just turtles but lots of other animals. I will start adding them to the shop here and to my Etsy shop as soon as I can, although I still have a backlog of items to add.

An Essay on Colour

I have always been fascinated by colour, the fact that there are almost limitless colours that can be seen by the human eye, and an almost limitless again variety of combinations of those colours.

 I have to admit that colours scare me a bit too though, by that sheer limitlessness. I think its some sort of weird fear that I will waste my time on mediocre or bad colour combinations and never find my way to combinations with that 'wow' factor, which other people seem to come across so easily. Its also a fear that of going to far and using 2 many colours in a piece of work. The lucky thing about crochet is that it is so easy to rip a colour out of the work if it isn't working out so I will have to force myself to experiment.

 I also find that I go through colour 'phases'. Some weeks I will have a hankering for vintage colours such as cream and ivory and dusky pink. Other times I need to work with bold colours such as bright red and blue and deep purple. Sometimes I want grey and brown neutrals and other times pastels.

At the moment I want colours that are somehow toned down and greyish toned, dusky pink, ash purple, olive green. It must be a mood thing. Or just a desire to buy as many different colours as physically possible. I don't tend to worry about colours working with each other or with other colours when I buy them, I tend to buy the colours that appeal to me in the mood I'm in while in the shop.

 Some crocheters seem to find it easy to develop a colour palatte. Lucy of Attic 24, for instance, favours juicy, bright, positive colours. This over exuberant attitude to colours terrified me a bit but Lucy's stuff is all so lovely I can't fault her. I've read other blogs where the crocheter favours neutral colours, or includes pink or blue or purple in almost everything. I just love every colour (except maybe orange) and sticking to one colour palate would bore me.

 Unfortunately, that does mean I have to buy an awful lot of wool......