Back on Etsy

I have just posted a new item to my Etsy shop. I have decided to give Etsy another go after not making a sale on Folksy in 2 months.

Handmade Red Necklace

My current plan is to try and post to both sites for a period of around six months or so, maybe a year, and see which one has given me the most sales in that time.

I will do my best to promote each site equally, by posting on Twitter and Facebook, and the occasional blog post.

My Garden

Yes, I realise it isn't much too look at. It's rundown and overgrown and my husband hates it. Me and the cat love it though. I didn't get a picture of him, but I'm sure he thinks he is a leopard prowling around in the Serengeti, with all the long grass.

I love sitting on the little bench next to the shed. Now the weather is getting a bit better again I want to start making the most of being able to sit outside in the evenings and weekends. I want to start appreciating little pleasures like that more, now my life should hopefully be a bit less hectic (for the time being).

Here is the oldest resident of the house and garden. It's a pear tree that has been here since I was a child and came to visit my grandparents when they lived here, but I'm not sure how long it has been here. It does seem fairly ancient. It's still good at producing pears though, maybe this year I'll get round to making some pear cider.... 

At least I managed to get a few good photos before it turned cloudy......

The end....

So, the stage is packed away, the cast have been applauded one last time, my tenure as a director is over. I can't say I'm not glad, it's been a long, hard slog, emotionally and physically draining. The play has taken up so much of my life over the last 7 or 8 months and I'm now at a bit of a loose end. I'll post more soon, including a review and links to a video of one of the stage effects but at the moment I'm a bit too raw.

A nice snippet of information is that the week our play Count Dracula was performed marked the anniversary of Dracula being published in 1897. That geeky fact does make me a bit gooey inside.

So, now to carry on with the rest of my life. I might be going to a craft fair later on in the month, I also need to take photographs of more of my stock and list them on Folksy. I am about 2 weeks behind with everything and I need to build up stock online before I'll have a chance of selling anything.

I also need to post on this blog more often, not to help with getting my name out there for my jewellery business, but to help my sanity. I used to keep a diary and it really helped me understand what was going on in my head and in my life. There are going to be a few big changes in my life (again) over the next 18 months. I'm ready for a change in certain areas of my life, more than ready, but one of those changes is likely to be moving house. I've only been here a year and the thought of moving within the next 18 months is a lot to take in. I love my house, but that is a whole separate story. These changes involve making a lot of enquiries and waiting to hear back from people so I won't have an update for at least a month, at the absolute earliest.