Etsy Seller Spotlight - Digital Nails

This is the first of what I hope to be regular feature on this blog, in which I choose a fellow Etsy seller to promote. All that has to happen for me to like a sellers and convince me to consider promoting them on my blog is tat I have to like their products!

Today's Etsy spotlight is on Digital Nails run by Raphaelle.

Digital Nails has a mouth watering selection of glittery nail polish and nail polish in bold solid shades as well. Some of the glitter combinations I have never seen in regular shops, so next time I need nail polish (which won't be for a while as I have, like, 50 bottles already.... .

The main reason why I am promoting Digital Nails is because she names her polishes after fandoms, particularly Doctor Who, although there is some Harry Potter love (Harry <3's Ginny) and some Game of Thrones love (Red Wedding) among other fandoms. Some of my favourite names are Run You Clever Boy, Petrichor, I can Kill You With My Brain (From Firefly) and Wibbly Wobbly.

But this is the polish that made fall in love with the seller:

Named after the hypothetical love child of Amy Pond and Vincent Van Gogh (who has got to be Meryflowers's sponsor, as I use one of his pictures in my banner). I love Amy Pond and it's so cool that someone has named a nail varnish after her.... especially as she wears so much nail varnish herself.

So, if you need nail polish and you want something geeky and bit unusual, please visit Diginal Nails!

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