Business Cards

My business cards arrived from Vistaprint on Tuesday.

I am absolutely chuffed to bits with them. Yes I know, they are Vistaprint's £9.99 cheap and cheerful business cards, but they're mine! I've never had business cards before and I'm looking forward to handing them out and leaving them in places.

In lieu of a picture, I have taken a picture of the design I picked right from the site:

I changed the large blue text on the card to purple. I felt a darker colour was more 'me' and also looked a bit more professional.

The only thing I would say is that I was a little bit disappointed with Vistaprints selection of crochet and alternative jewellery business cards. Everything with flowers on either looked as though I was advertising a funeral parlour or a florist. Then again, there aren't many people hat do what I do, I suppose....

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