David Tennant!

I decided this short aside needed it's own post, so here we go....

Just to warn you, my next post will more than likely be a review of Richard II starring David Tennant, the mere thought of which is already making my eyes water with sheer glee. Not only am I going to see David Tennant on stage, I'm also going to the birthplace of William Shakespeare on the same weekend. Mainly because my husband has an even bigger crush on him (David Tennant, not Will Shakespeare!) than I do and he bought the tickets. It's so nice that we have interests that we can enjoy together.

after net Saturday, I will be able to add David to the list of Doctor Who's that I have either spoken to in person, or seen live on stage. The other two are Colin Baker and Tom Baker, who signed my autograph book and gave me a jelly baby when I was 9!

And with that, please allow me to welcome Doctor Who season at Merryflowers! I'm am so excited for the 50th birthday celebrations.... Part of it is for my dad, who passed away 3 years ago, He was a massive Doctor Who fan and would have been so thrilled to have been part of it, so I will be enjoying it for both of us.

I will probably also post a review of the 50th anniversary episode, which my husband and I (it's fantastic being married to someone who is as much of a Doctor Who geek as I am....!) will be seeing at the cinema. Doctor Who in the cinema. Fucking love it...... I'm going dressed as Amy Pond.

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