Easter.... yay.... *collapses with exhaustion*

Well, for saying that I have had 4 days off work for Easter, I can honestly say I feel worse than I did before we finished. I just feel so drained. I've been to church 3 times to sing in the choir (and managed to break my voice singing the descant for the final hymn), I went out to the pub with a few friends on Friday and felt dreadful all day on Saturday even though I didn't drink that much (well, 3 pints of cider, but I never felt anything more than tipsy all night....) and I've posted a few items on the Folksy shop to get it started.

Apart from a bit of housework that's all I've done. I haven't even got to sit in the garden because the weather has been a bit too chilly even though the sunshine is lovely.

And I'm exhausted. And I have a sore throat. And I have to go and supervise a rehearsal later.

At the moment I'm just holding on to the fact this time in 6 weeks, I will A) hopefully still be in bed, and B) I will no longer be directing a play.

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