The end....

So, the stage is packed away, the cast have been applauded one last time, my tenure as a director is over. I can't say I'm not glad, it's been a long, hard slog, emotionally and physically draining. The play has taken up so much of my life over the last 7 or 8 months and I'm now at a bit of a loose end. I'll post more soon, including a review and links to a video of one of the stage effects but at the moment I'm a bit too raw.

A nice snippet of information is that the week our play Count Dracula was performed marked the anniversary of Dracula being published in 1897. That geeky fact does make me a bit gooey inside.

So, now to carry on with the rest of my life. I might be going to a craft fair later on in the month, I also need to take photographs of more of my stock and list them on Folksy. I am about 2 weeks behind with everything and I need to build up stock online before I'll have a chance of selling anything.

I also need to post on this blog more often, not to help with getting my name out there for my jewellery business, but to help my sanity. I used to keep a diary and it really helped me understand what was going on in my head and in my life. There are going to be a few big changes in my life (again) over the next 18 months. I'm ready for a change in certain areas of my life, more than ready, but one of those changes is likely to be moving house. I've only been here a year and the thought of moving within the next 18 months is a lot to take in. I love my house, but that is a whole separate story. These changes involve making a lot of enquiries and waiting to hear back from people so I won't have an update for at least a month, at the absolute earliest.

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